Before You begin:

Thank you for previewing our units and for your decision to apply. Please read the following instructions and guidelines prior to submitting your application

NOTE: All applicants in group must meet minimum rental qualifications. 


Please be prepared to pay the Non-Refundable Application Fee: $35 per person over 18 years of age that will be residing in unit.


*Full Legal Name as it appears on ID is required on the application

*In addition, prior to credit approval, each applicant will be required to provide:


Proof of Identity: Two valid government issued forms of Identification (1 picture ID required).

1.) Drivers License or State ID (Required) 

2.) Social Security Card

3.) Passport

4.) Current U.S.Government Issued Visa

(note: Foreign Residents/ Non-SSN Applicants will require a US Resident Co-Signer)


Proof of Income:

Applicant(s) combined NET income equal to at least 2½ times the monthly rent amount. 


Proof of Income that is accepted. Please provide the following:


1.) 2 Most Recent Pay Check Stubs

2.) If Recently hired Offer Letter on Company Letterhead 

 Self Employed 

1.) Last 2 months of Checking / Savings Account (Full Bank Statements PDF No Screenshots Accepted) 

2.) Current W2/Tax Returns 

Section 8 Income Requirements: 

1. Section 8 Voucher that meets rental price and exact bedroom count

2. All applicants who will be occupying unit must be named in section 8 voucher       

3. Expired section 8 vouchers will not be accepted  


We are Pet-Friendly communities with the following policies:

1.) Pet’s weight at maturity age is under 25 lbs. (Max 2 animals)

2.) Pet Deposit - $300 per animal 

5.) Current vaccination records based on city codes

6.) Photo of pet

7.) Two Pet Maximum

8.) Pet Interview may be conducted

9) All ESA/Service Animals are Welcome. 


Rental History

To complete this rental application, you must be prepared to provide 5 years of residential history and rental references. 


Residency Requirements:

-Applicants named in evictions will be automatically DENIED. • -5 years of verifiable and favorable rental history from unbiased sources – relatives, in-laws, and/or employers are not considered unbiased sources • 

-Monies owed to previous landlords will automatically be denied, unless debt is verifiably satisfied. 


Current and prior landlord’s references will be verified. 

Failure to pay rent on time, to give a full 30 days notice in writing prior to termination of tenancy, to protect property or to respect the rights of other tenants will disqualify the applicant.


Credit Screening: 

Minimum FICO: 620 

1. Applicant(s) must have a verifiable credit history and report that demonstrates a willingness to pay financial obligations in a timely fashion.

2. A credit screening will be completed for each applicant. Collection Accounts, Repossessions, Charge Offs, Liens, judgements may cause a rejection of your application. 


Financial Guarantor Qualifications: 

- Min Fico 700

- Verifiable Proof of Income 3.0x Rent 

- No Evictions 

A financial guarantor may be considered for applicants who do not meet minimum income requirements. Applicants are still required to meet minimum credit screening qualifications. 


The maximum occupancy standards are listed below:

Studio = 2 people; One Bedroom = 3 people; Two Bedroom = 5 people; Three Bedroom = 7 people; etc


AGE REQUIREMENTS – All occupants 18 years old or older must be listed as a lessee and must submit a fully completed application. ALL LINES MUST BE FILLED IN. If a line is inapplicable to you, you must place an “N/A” on the line. Inaccurate, false, or materially misleading information will disqualify applicant as a prospective renter.




​Application Review Process: Please allow up to 5-7 business days for review. The application process includes a credit screening, employment verification and landlord verification for all applicants and must be completed and reviewed prior to final decision being made. A delay may occur if applications are incomplete or rejection to your application. If you have any questions please email